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Men and women have this procedure performed to achieve the look of fullness and thickness of sparse lashes. Having eyeliner or lash enhancement will save you time and money while looking good 24/7.


Eyeliner application is accomplished by inserting a series of coloured implants into the lash line. Humans have more than 200 eyelashes in each of their eye lids and they are shed every 3-5 months. We have at least 2-4 rows of eyelashes on our eyelids and eyeliner is usually applied in-between these rows of lashes.


Your eyebrows are the frame of your face. If you have sparse hair, asymmetrical features, physical disabilities, play sports, have a visual impairment, or just want to look your best all day and night, then Eyebrow Hair Simulation is for you.


There are several ways to have your eyebrows applied. Powdery: Solid, filled in eyebrows in either a soft or darker colour. Hair strokes: The most natural appearing (and the most popular!). Pigment is matched to your current eyebrow color (or hair color if you have no eyebrows) and a microblade is used to create hair-like strokes. Ultimately creating a beautiful, natural looking eyebrow.  



Luscious…Full… Pouty... Sultry... Kissable… By having lip colour applied you will have fantastic looking lips all day and night! You may apply a lipstick or gloss over your colour for a more dramatic look.


For any of the eight conditions listed below, I can make the appropriate corrections using Permanent Cosmetic Techniques. 1 If your lips are too small: I can exaggerate the lip line slightly. 2 If your lips are too large: I implant pigment inside of the natural lip line. 3 If your lips are flat: I use a lighter shade of pigment in the Cupid’s bow. 4 If I need to restore your natural lip line: I outline your lips to create a symmetrical lipline. 5 If your lips are droopy: I draw the bottom lip line slightly up and out at the corners to give your lips a lift. 6 If you need a defined Cupid’s bow: I can define the bow. Your colours can range from the softest pink- to coral- to a soft red. 8 If your lips have uneven tones, hyper-pigmentation or hypo-pigmentation: I blend a colour to balance your natural lip color.

eyelash enhancement

Applied on either a man or a woman. It is a series of single implants between the lashes. A lash enhancement is subtle, using a complimentary colour to the eyelashes. It is applied to every second or third lash, and is implanted directly into the lash line to create a thicker lash line. If your technician uses a colour that is too dark, your final result will appear as small “connect-the-dots’ in the lash line. Using complimentary colors enhances the lash line and is a great procedure for men or for women.