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What to do and avoid prior to your permanent makeup procedure(s).

Pre-Care: What to Do/Avoid Prior to Your Appointment

  • Must be over the age of 18. Regardless of parental consent. 

  • If you are under a physicians care for a serious illness/disease you MUST obtain a release from him/her prior to your procedure! 

  • If you are pregnant, I will not perform any permanent makeup procedures on you. There are no exceptions to this rule. 

  • Botox - 2 weeks prior or 2 weeks after. Fillers - 6 weeks prior or 6 weeks after (EXCLUDING LIPS. READ ABOUT LIP FILLER BELOW).


  • If you are on your menstrual cycle during your procedure you will be hyper-sensitive and may experience more pain/discomfort. 

  • Aspirin/Ibuprofen, Vitamin E, Niacin and vitamins (including shakes/smoothies) should be avoided up to 3 days prior to your procedure (unless medically necessary). These products are known to thin your blood, therefore you will have more bleeding than you should during your procedure. Tylenol is not known to thin the blood as much as Aspirin/Ibuprofen therefore I recommend taking Tylenol for pain if needed prior to your procedure.

  • Retin-A or Retinols, AHA's, Vitamin A or any similar lightening and peeling products (examples include Glycolic, Lactic Acids) should be avoided at least 1 week prior to your appointment and you should avoid using them near your procedure area for a minimum of 30 days (1 month) post-procedure. If you use these products prior to 30 days on or around your procedure area, it may cause the pigment color to fade more than it should. If you are unsure whether or not your products contain any of these ingredients, please check the back labeling. 

  • Accutane must be stopped ONE YEAR prior to your procedure. 

  • Alcohol and caffeine should be avoided 24 hours prior to your procedure to minimize additional bleeding and swelling during your procedure.

  • For eyebrows - if you choose to have them waxed, this should be done 72 hours prior to your procedure to avoid too much irritation to the area.

  • If you fill in your eyebrows, please come in with them filled in so that i can get a good idea as to how you are used to wearing them. From there we will decide together if you would like a better shape or if the symmetry needs to be corrected. If you do not fill in your brows, that is OK. I will design your brow prior to your procedure. Your procedure will not start until you are 100% satisfied with your shape.

  • For lip color - if you have any opens sores (cold-sores, blisters, pimples) I will not perform the procedure. 

  • Pigment can and will fade, touchups may be required. Some areas will retain more pigment than others, this is common. Everyone's healing results are individual.

  • I recommend a touchup a minimum of once every year to keep your color looking fresh. If you do not follow your aftercare instructions or lose pigment more in one area than the other, then you may need a touchup sooner to perfect the area (this is easy and typically much quicker than the first appointment). If you are in the sun often, have oily skin, use anti-aging creams or products containing Retinol, exercise frequently or get chemical peels often then you will need a color refresh probably every 6 months to 1 year. 

  • Tenderness and itching is common after the procedure and during healing.

  • If you had previous permanent makeup done by another artist and are coming in for a correction, please be aware that your results may not be 100% corrected. Additionally not all work can be fixed! Please text me a clear picture prior to scheduling your appointment so that I can ensure it is fixable 480.544.6671. 

  • Remember - each side of your skull is different, there is no such thing as having each eye or eyebrow look 100% identical. I will do my very best to make them look the same, but in this industry fraternal twins is used rather than identical twins! 

  • Avoid tanning beds/the sun and working out prior to your procedure and especially during the 10 days following your procedure. This will compromise your results! If you arrive to your appointment with a fake tan or a sunburn, you will be turned away and asked to reschedule. Otherwise you will lose more pigment than you should during your healing process as your skin exfoliates. You should not workout the day of your procedure. 

  • For eyebrows - You will need to avoid getting your eyebrows wet for 10 days following your procedure.

  • Clients with darker skin will have less dramatic results compared to clients with lighter skin. 

  • You will be given written instructions after your procedure is completed. 

  • Things to note for eyebrows: Around the 2 week mark after your microblading procedure, your pigment will appear much lighter. This can occur due to the natural skin exfoliation cycles. It is common for your pigment to essentially "reappear" at 4 weeks (30 days). At 30 days is when your pigment will be at its final "resting phase" (as I call it). This is the best time to critique your brows. You should not critique them any sooner. Additionally, it is common to have some areas fade more than others. This can be easily treated at a touchup appointment. Some clients hold pigment better than others, every result is individual. Picking, scratching, rubbing and harsh wiping can also compromise your results. It is vital that you follow the aftercare instructions 100%! If you do not think you can accept these precautions, you are not a good candidate for microblading.

  • For eyeliner or lash enhancement - Latisse or any lash growth serum must be stopped 6 weeks prior. Can continue 6-8 weeks post procedure. 

  • For eyeliner or lash enhancement - Eyelash extensions must be off 2 weeks prior to scheduled appointment. 

  • For eyeliner or lash enhancement - do not wear contacts to your appointment. Bring your eyeglasses instead.

If you have any additional questions, please text or call me at 480.544.6671

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